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"It's Love (Live)," The Softies (Download)

Friday is Drew's day off (normally he works until 9PM), so after work we head over to the Blue Arrow and Music Saves in Collinwood to do some record shopping. I don't usually buy much (I buy most of my records via mail order and I'm also usually too worried about saving to spend extra money on music), but every once in awhile I treat myself to something.

This weekend I picked up (on sale!) the Magic Marker comp, A House Full of Friends. The comp is a 2-CD set of Magic Marker artists and though the majority of the songs are previously released album tracks, it's nice to have them all in one place. Featured artists include: The Thermals, Dear Nora, Dressy Bessy, The All Girl Summer Fun Band, Dennis Driscoll, & a bunch of others.

The real winner on this is the last track on CD 2, a beautiful live version of "It's Love" by the Softies. (Drew would probably make a case for the Shins' cover of T-Rex's "Baby Boomerang" being the best track on here, but he's wrong. It's definitely Rose and Jen.) I listened to this track 5 or 6 times in a row in the car the other day & it's just wonderful. It makes me wish that I was in someone's living room somewhere listening to Rose Melberg play.

"It's Love (Live)," The Softies (Download)

Other purchases: a $2 used copy of The Old Record by the Dancehall Crashers & a $3 donation to P.S. Eliot for their cover of Hop Along's "Bruno is Orange." If you'd like to download the P.S. Eliot track, head over to their blog to make a donation.


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