Sand Witches

My love for the lo-fi punk rock cassette is undying. I will buy them in the mail, I will beg them off friends, I will keep them forever in an overflowing basket of cassette tapes that I keep wedged next to my CDs.

MY latest favorite punk rock cassette comes via Sand Witches, a Bloomington, IN trio. Their 5-song cassette take Me Too Your Pizza Leader has been one of my favorite things to listen to. It may be just 5 songs, but at least 3 of those songs are great. (I especially like "A Stranger Broke MY Finger But You Broke My Heart," which reminds me of something that I just can't put my finger on.)

These are songs I would have loved as a teenager -- not that I don't love them as a twenty-something, but I think there's a particular kind of love and dedication you can give to music in your teen years. This is a tape that I would have wanted to listen to with my friend Brittany -- we listened to way too much punk rock made by macho white dudes & not enough made by our peers.

You can download the Sand Witches cassette for free from their page, or you can go here for information on how to get a physical copy of the tape.


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