Fungi Girls

So, Drew and I have a sort of ridiculous set-up right now. He has a desktop computer that he hasn't bought a proper desk for and he also hasn't bought a wireless card, so he can't make much use of the internet at our place. So, whenever he wants to put music on his computer, he imports the CDs onto my laptop (that way all of the track names can be automatically looked up) and then puts it on a jump drive and then plugs the jump drive into his computer so that he could transfer the music onto it. Which seems like an awful lot of work to me, but anyway, sometimes he puts things on my computer and then doesn't delete them and I get snippy because I worry about running out of space on my hard drive and then I'll listen to whatever was left on the computer and end up liking it myself and leaving it there anyway.

Which is how I ended up listening to the Fungi Girls album 3 4 times at my desk this morning.

Before this morning I had never even heard of Fungi Girls, but some quick googling reveals that they recently released their debut album and it seems like they're already getting a lot of press on various music blogs because they're a bunch of youngsters. (Surprise! Kids in bands, you guys! How crazy!) They have a fuzzed out sound that's been drawing comparisons to groups like Vivian Girls and Wavves, plus their name seems to be a part of the larger trend of "bands whose names have the word girls in them," but seriously, they're good. Way better than any of the garage bands my pals were in when they were fourteen or fifteen.

But seriously -- their album is good and it's not good because they're young or because people are blogging about them or whatever. It's good because it has blistering guitars and soft, echoing vocals, and because it reminds you to that you too can do things!

You can order the Fungi Girls' debut LP Seafaring Pyramids from Play Pinball! Records. (BUY!)
You can sample the Fungi Girls on MySpace. (LISTEN!)


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