Bonfire Madigan Discography

So, last week I posted all of my Tattle Tale releases & this week I'm back with more! After Tattle Tale broke up, both Madigan and Jen continued to record on their own. Madigan released several EPs, 7"s, and albums, sometimes as just Madigan and sometimes as Bonfire Madigan (a full band line-up with rotating membership.)

This is a semi-complete discography, I've intentionally left off two releases, I Bleed: A Decade of Song and the Lady Saves 12", because you can still purchase these direct from Madigan on her website. I Bleed collects tracks from out of print releases & Lady Saves is Madigan's most recent release (you can hear the song streaming on her webpage.)

Madigan tours occasionally playing mostly west-coast and NYC dates. I've been lucky enough to see her live a couple of times and it's always an amazing experience. It sounds silly, but I really treasure the memories of post-show conversations with Madigan.

...From the Burnpile (Download)

01. Anthemic Amendments
02. Smoke Signals from the Burnpile
03. Snowfell Summer
04. For Live Long (Scars)
05. Backseat Buoy (Revisited)
06. Dishes and Spoons
07. Zamora, CA
08. Promised
09. Junebug
10. Tinkling on a Tightrope

Saddle the Bridge (Download)

01. Mad Skywriting
02. Where the Sky Below Meets the Sea Above
03. Running
04. To Find the Women in the Ocean
05. Awake
06. Scraps
07. The Debut and Debauchery of Anna Magdalena
08. Rachel's Song
09. Rachel's Song (Locational Variations On)
10. Onion Thin Cello Skin
11. Come Ask Her
12. 7 Mile Lane
13. Downtrodden Up

Plays for Change (Live) (Download)

01. Begin at the Beginning
02. Backseat Buoy
03. Slip
04. First Time
05. Onion Thin Cello Skin
06. Scraps
07. Mad Skywriting
08. Inch X Inch
09. No More War

88 EP (Download)

01. 88 Arbitrary Configurations
02. Tiger
03. Homefullness
04. Vigil
05. O'Sanity

Rock Stop EP (Download)

01. Pity Rock
02. Cornerstore Conspiracies
03. Middlenamed
04. Tick Talk
05. The Girl With Her Foot Behind Her Head (The Contortionist's Song)

Backseat Buoy 7" (Download)

1. Backseat Buoy
2. Batty's Wish
3. Begin at the Beginning

Mailorder Freaks 7" (Download)

01. Lesson in Ride
02. Invincible

Madigan Plays With Herself 7" (Download)

01. Curse of Superman
02. 2nd False Start


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