Tullycraft (Well, Tullycraft-related)

So, who do you love? I certainly hope the answer is Tullycraft. I still remember the first Tullycraft song I ever heard -- the inimitable "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About" (link goes to a YouTube video) -- it was everything I wanted in a song, sweet (but a little snobby, just like me!), an instant mix tape staple, and an index of new bands to check out.

The other day I found out about an exciting project -- a proposed tribute album to Tullycraft, whose list of participating artists is just as fabulous as the artists listed off in "Pop Songs..." Wish I'd Kept A Scrabpook is the project's tentative title & you can expect it to feature tracks by Rose Melberg, The Smittens, Bunnygrunt, Math and Physics Club, and more.

So, what's the catch? In order to move forward with the comp, Lee needs to raise $1,000. There's a kickstarter.com page where you can read more about the project and, if you're feeling generous, make a donation. Kickstarter requires a minimum donation of $1 & your donation is only deducted from your account if the project meets its fundraising goal by the predetermined deadline. Donations will be open for Wish I'd Kept A Scrapbook until May 15th. The good news is, Lee has already raised $400 for the project! If you check out the donations page you'll see that depending on how much you donate, you can receive goodies like free mp3s, stickers, t-shirts, even getting your name in the liner notes!

If you're a Tullycraft fan, I really encourage you to support this project by making a donation.

If you're new to Tullycraft, you can check out their official site which happens to feature a totally boss daily mp3 blog.


April said...

I remember the first Tullycraft song I ever heard - and it was "Pop Songs" on that first mix you made for me! And yes, I DO still have the tracklisting, if you want me to post it / send it along!

K. said...

Oh my gosh, I would love that!

April said...

1. "Automatic Beauty," Rainer Maria
2. "Mad Skywriting," Bonfire Madigan
3. "Where is My Mind," The Pixies
4. "Stand," REM
5. "Salamander," Kaia
6. "Kennel District," Pavement
7. "She Can Play Me Like a Drum Machine," The Deathray Davies
8. "Pop Songs," Tullycraft
9. "Woodward Ave," Kiddo
10. "His Indie World," Mary Lou Lord
11. "A Song," Kaia
12. "Take Ten," Tattle Tale
13. "Fuck It," Delta Dart
14. "Snowfell Summer," Bonfire Madigan
15. "Statue," Kaia
16. "Here Comes Your Man," The Pixies
17. "Imperfect," Jen Wood
18. "Divorce Song," Liz Phair [BEFORE my parents split, displaying your psychic powers]

I actually think there were two more tracks that have been separated in the moves from machine to machine... I'm going to try to dig out the physical disc later.

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