Grass Widow

Grass Widow, "To Where" (DOWNLOAD)

I wanted to write about Grass Widow last week, but just didn't have the time (I had to go out of town for work and wasn't able to get a post together.) But, better late than never, right?

My friend April introduced me to Grass Widow early last week when she posted one of their songs on her Tumblr. I was instantly smitten! Grass Widow fits in so neatly with a lot of what I've been listening to lately: fuzzy, hazy, pop music with female vocals. "To Where," the first song off of their first full length LP is a perfect summer jam (sorry for all of the "summer jams" talk lately, but in the interest of full disclosure, I am probably going to be yammering on about summer jams until September, AT LEAST. Until then, it is summer jam season.)

"To Where" is a perfect first track for an album -- it sounds like it's overflowing with enthusiasm, it makes me want to get up and move around, it is all muddled voices and bright colors and fast guitars, like a sonic water color, which sounds really cheesy until you listen to the song and realize that "it sounds like a water color" is actually the PERFECT SIMILE and I am a rock critic GENIUS.

Grass Widow is currently on tour and they're playing up and down the general west coast area with some killer bands -- including Brilliant Colors and Mike Watt and the Missingmen. April planned on catching their Portland show yesterday night and I certainly hope she did so that I can live vicariously through her experiences.

Aside from their full length, Grass Widow also has an EP out on Captured Tracks -- which, according to the Captured Tracks website, is sold out. Good news, though, a few distros still have it. If you're in the US, you can order from InSound and if you're in the UK you can order from Soft Power Vinyl and Rough Trade. You can order the LP direct from the band via their website (see links below!)

Grass Widow's official website
Grass Widow on MySpace

Grass Widow, "To Where" (DOWNLOAD)


April said...

I did make it! Got there halfway through their set, but they were so awesome I didn't mind. It was a small but enthusiastic crowd - but of course this is Portland, so it's not like that means people were moving around all that much. PDX, I mock because I love; I am all about standing quietly to listen to music, especially when I'm only nursing one cocktail all evening. (Note to self: stop brushing teeth right before drinking lemon-based cocktails.)

I picked up a copy of their EP (I'm going to get a record player by the end of the summer, I am resolved!), a cassette of the songs on the two records, some buttons, and some cd-r comps of local bands. I'm pretty pleased.

So readers, if Grass Widow is coming to your town, GO SEE THEM!

Anonymous said...

i'm pretty thankful for this blog, i find out about so much great stuff! if i can find a job, i'm definitely going to see them play.

and if i could have one wish, it would be to be able to see them play in marfa, tx with brilliant colors. that would be AMAZING.

K. said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you went! I ordered their EP & album and am eagerly awaiting their arrival in my mail box. I hope they come out this way eventually.

I'll send you your Best Coast shirt soon, I promise! I'm going to the craft store tonight to get a hoop & some floss for your hex sign embroidery.

April said...

I think I'm going to pick up the album, my plan is to stockpile records until I feel like I have to get one (and, you know, have a job with an actual paycheck).

I have a gigantic pile of stuff to send you as well. Are you framing your embroideries in their hoops?

K. said...

@reggaechicken I'm so glad that you like the blog! I love Brilliant Covers, but have never seen them live. I bet they're great!

K. said...

@aprilmarches I'm framing embroidery pieces in the hoops for now, just because it's inexpensive & I'm not very creative.

Stockpiling records isn't actually a bad way to go -- so many things come with mp3 download codes nowadays that even if you don't have a record player, you can still listen to the album. I love having the large format artwork. I need to get some frames so I can hang up record covers!

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