Sonido Uzumaki

Sonido Uzumaki (compilation, Mediafire)

It's hard to find music that I can listen to in the office -- most of my office mates are more or less okay with a bit of noise, but there's just one who's opposed to people listening to music at their desks. Sonido Uzumaki is a great compromise -- just poppy enough to keep my attention, but generally subdued so that no one in the office has a complaint. Which -- I guess -- means it might be in the vein of elevator music? Maybe not. It's definitely more enjoyable than most elevator music.

Via Music Related:
sonido uzumaki is a joint project between visual artists Friends With You, Mumbleboy, GAGA Inc., and Music Related. we put togeather a sound track for their group artshow ‘Aqui Uzumaki. Sonido Uzumaki compiles a wide range of musical styles, and collection of known, and unknow groups. original songs from groups within the music related, and audio dregs camp. plus songs from artist from around the world, never heard before. acoustic pop, to glitched out electronic romps. songs by, phofo, yacht, lem jay, ymck, marxy, kiiiiiii!, e*rock, shugo tokumaru, pandacrash, red colour cat, messer fur frau muller, dim dim, digiki, crusher, midori hamada, mikimi tablets, and lullatone, round out this eclectic collection of songs.
A quick look around the internet turns up copies of Sonido Uzumaki at ToneVendor for $9.99, so if you like what you hear, definitely pick it up!

Sonido Uzumaki (compilation, Mediafire)


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