Le Tigre

Sweetie, Le Tigre (mp3, Mediafire)

The main things that helped me to sustain (and grow) my interest in music throughout my tenuous middle and high school years were 1) college radio and 2) small mail order record labels. Without labels like K Records, Yo Yo A Go Go, and Mr. Lady, my interest in music would be completely different.

The main amazing thing about small labels is the samplers they put out. Many of my favorite songs have been culled from label samplers & "Sweetie" by Le Tigre is no exception. "Sweetie" was featured on Mr. Lady's 2001 comp, Calling All Kings and Queens. Honestly, I think it's the perfect Le Tigre song -- Kathleen's vocals are right on and are more in line with wistful yet powerful songs like Bikini Kill's "For Tammy Rae" and Julie Ruin's "Apt. #5." I love the funky electronic additions (especially the harp sound effect) and am not kidding when I say that I listened to it something like 5 times in a row while I was stuck in traffic the other day.

Sadly, both Mr. Lady and Le Tigre are no longer with us, but Le Tigre does continue to maintain a pretty comprehensive official website.

I'm scouring my shelves for favorite label comps & will definitely be posting more tracks from small label compilations. Until then, enjoy "Sweetie."

Sweetie, Le Tigre (mp3, Mediafire)


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