Manhattan Love Suicides

The Manhattan Love Suicides (S/T album, Mediafire)

Sometimes I don't want to listen to a band because I think they have a goofy name. I often make the decision not to listen based solely on instinct. And, honestly, I very rarely find out whether or not I'm wrong, so I have absolutely no idea how many great bands I'm probably missing out on, which is a bummer if you think about it.

So, I guess my instinctual snobbishness is what led me to almost miss out on the Manhattan Love Suicides, who I probably never would have listened to if my boyfriend hadn't brought a copy of their first album for us to listen to in the car. His lure to get me to listen to them was two part:
  1. "They're on some label that the All Girl Summer Fun Band released something on." (I had to prod to get at the root of this, but it turned out that he was talking about Magic Marker Records.)
  2. "They cover "Indian Summer" by Beat Happening." ("Indian Summer" is easily one of my favorite songs of all time.)
So, we gave their first album a listen and I was honestly really, really impressed and pleased. They have a really blissful sound -- guitars that are both fuzzy and jangly (sometimes when I use these descriptors I find myself wondering what I even mean, but I suppose they'll do well enough.) I also love the echo-y vocals. At any rate, I find them very, very fun to listen to and am extremely happy that I was goaded into giving them a chance.

I would (obviously) recommend buying this. If you're in the US, check out Magic Marker Records (you can currently get this album on CD, they also have Burnt Out Landscapes and the Kick It Back &".)

The Manhattan Love Suicides (S/T album, Mediafire)


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