Hot Pursuit

Summer Song (mp3, Mediafire)

It's late September and it is officially fall in Ohio. This morning I was woken up by the sound of pouring rain and this Monday has felt more like a capital-M Monday than any other Monday I can remember in recent months.

"Summer Song" by Hot Pursuit really seems more like a fall song to me. The lyrics are very much about summer, but the overall tone seems more nostalgic, more indicative of fall. It seems like a song that's about remembering summer afternoons and evenings, a song that's trying to recapture those things and preserve them, however imperfectly.

For some reason, whenever I hear this song I think about my best friend growing up and her younger brother -- his birthday was in October and every year it was celebrated with a bonfire at the side of the river. I remember cold nights, hot cider, climbing trees, making s'mores. I don't know why "Summer Song" brings up memories steeped in fall, but I'm glad that it does.

Hot Pursuit's album, The Thrill Department, is available via Teenbeat Records and InSound. I would also recommend picking up their Basketball 7" -- the A-side is insanely catchy and wonderful.

& in case you're curious, AllMusic's keywords for Hot Pursuit include: earnest, intimate, amiable, poignant, & a bunch of other complimentary things.

Summer Song (mp3, Mediafire)


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