Summer Twins

Yesterday afternoon* (while hard at work at my day job), I was browsing the Burger Records website and I saw, at the very bottom of the page, a banner that said "COOL BAND!" with a little photo and text that said, "Summer Twins, cassette coming soon!" The photo used to promote Summer Twins on the Burger Records site struck me as so different from the imagery that I'm accustomed to seeing from them that I felt like I had to learn more!

Summer Twins is a four-piece pop rock outfit formed in Riverside, CA by sisters Chelsea and Justine. Their 6 song EP, The Good Things, is available for free download on their Bandcamp site (you can also send them $5 for a physical copy of the release on CD.) In a time when winter seems determined to cast the entire Cleveland landscape in an impenetrable shroud of gray slush, I'm struck by how fresh and clear the songs on The Good Things sound. It's cheesy as all get out, but this EP really is like a little ray of sunshine streaming out of my speakers.

Again, you can stream The Good Things (and if you like it, download it!) for free here. Physical copies of the EP are available for $5 (ordering instructions are on the Bandcamp.) If you like what you hear, keep your eye on the Burger site for info on their forthcoming release with Burger Records.

* I started drafting this over a week ago, so clearly things have picked up at the office.


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