Old News: Delta Dart Albums!

Delta Dart, Lone Star LP (DOWNLOAD)
Delta Dart, Fight or Flight LP (DOWNLOAD)

So, when I posted that link to the Delta Dart demo tape uploaded to Soul Ponies, I received a request in the comments for Delta Dart's albums. I took a quick look around to see how available they still are and although they're still up for sale on the Paroxysm Records site, said site hasn't been updated since 2008, so you'll likely want to e-mail and check availability before sending them any money.

That said, here are Delta Dart's two full length LP's, Fight or Flight and Lone Star. Fight or Flight is complete, but for some reason I'm missing the last two tracks ("Fifteen" and "Extra Extra") are missing. I did some quick searching around the internet to see if I could recover them from another source, but didn't have any luck. So, sorry, but if you want a complete version of Lone Star, your best bet is to get in touch with the folks at Paroxysm or search out a used copy.

Anyway, as mentioned last week, Delta Dart is an all-girl three piece who made loud-quiet-loud riot grrrl type songs. They sound sort of like a cross between Tattle Tale and The Third Sex. You can get (slightly) more info on Delta Dart at the Paroxysm Records site.

Delta Dart, Lone Star LP (DOWNLOAD)
Delta Dart, Fight or Flight LP (DOWNLOAD)


Sarah said...

Thanks for posting these!
I did some poking & asking around on Paroxysm before I sent The Capricorns stuff over to the Soul Ponies blog. From what I could tell, the label doesn't seem to be that active anymore, but maybe they are still taking orders, who knows?

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