Inaugural Singles from EardrumsPop

So, have you heard about the singles project that EardrumsPop have been working on? Each month this fall they plan to release two free download-only singles (singles will be released on the tenth and twentieth of each month.) All singles will feature three songs (two originals and one cover) and will be accompanied by a pdf booklet featuring more original artwork, an interview with the band, and a photo interview conducted in collaboration with A Negative Narrative.

In the past, I've really struggled with digital releases/netlabels. In theory, I love the idea of music that is free and accessible to anyone with internet access, but I miss the feeling of exploring a new package, of having a physical product to hold. I think what I like best about the EardrumsPop singles is that they work to approximate that feeling of opening something new and listening to it for the first time & while all elements of their singles series are strictly digital, they come pretty close to hitting the mark.

The first two singles in the fall series (the October 10th and October 20th releases) are out now and are available to download here. Tiny Fireflies and Paper Fangs have each released a three song single for the series. Both bands craft warm and welcoming indie pop with electronic influences -- perfect for the time when (at least, here in Ohio) fall begins to turn into winter.

If you're interested in keeping up to date on future EardrumsPop releases, you can sign up for their newsletter here.


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