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Looking Glass, "Target" (DOWNLOAD)

And we continue our journey back in time through my inbox to July 21st, a mere two weeks ago! When Tom from Infinite Wisdom e-mailed me about the new EP from Looking Glass, a folkish quartet from London. The First Real Target is a four song EP and it sounds, to me, like a cross between the mellowest moments of Fevers and Mirrors era Bright Eyes crossed with Sufjan Stevens' Seven Swans.

So, that's the semi-logistical part & this is the sentimental makes-no-sense part: Back when I was in college, I did a summer semester where I took a grammar course that involved hours of time alone in the evenings diagramming sentences & biking the miles between my crummy sublet house and the English building where my grammar class was held every afternoon. That summer I lived with two other girls and we had almost no food and even less furniture and one of my housemates and I listened to the same sad songs obsessively while we lied around on the floor eating lemon ice. And I feel like this EP, particularly the song "Target," would have been the perfect addition to what was, essentially the last real summer of our youth. It is not at all hard for me to superimpose these songs over memories of aimless evenings, still summer air, late sunsets, the almost singular experience of living in a college town in the summer... I wish we had had these songs then. It certainly would have broken up the monotony of listening to "The Dress Looks Nice On You" on repeat.

The First Real Target will be released on CD on August 16th. You can preorder it right here for 4GBP. You can stream some of the songs (along with a few non-EP tracks) on MySpace.

Looking Glass, "Target" (DOWNLOAD)


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