Bridgetown Records Summer Releases

Summer is drawing to a close & I feel like a real jerk because I've had an e-mail from Kevin at Bridgetown about their summer batch of releases sitting in my inbox since July 15th. Kevin was kind enough to send me a selection of tracks from each of the albums included in this summer's package deal & there are some real gems. I've listened to his sampler a few times now but just haven't found the time to write about it here.

Anyway, as summer winds down, it's definitely worth your time to check out Bridgetown's summer batch -- it's seven albums (postage paid) for $30 (US, rates go up slightly for international shipping.) The seven albums include:
  • Kindest Lines, Kindest Lines CDr
  • Weed Diamond, Carry On + Sweater Kids combo CD
  • Ancient Crux, Stage Fright + Live in LA combo CDr
  • David Jaberi, Out CDr
  • R. Sawyer, I Burn CDr
  • Junior Low, Heavy CDr
  • Vehicle Blues, Changer CDr (I reviewed this back in June, you can read the review here)
As usual, Bridgetown delivers a great selection of lo-fi bedroom recordings, many of them with strong pop sensibilities. My favorite track out of the sampler Kevin sent to me was Weed Diamond's "All Of Denver Is Wasted." If you don't want to buy the whole combo pack, I would at least recommend picking up Weed Diamond's Carry On + Sweater Kids combo CDr. It's great ethereal lo-fi pop music and the combo CD features an EP and an out of print (remastered) cassette. "Mint in My Mouth" is one of my favorite songs from Weed Diamond's combo CD & you can view a video for it below.

Weed Diamond, "Mint in My Mouth"


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