Honey Skoolmates

Honey Skoolmates, Your Aquarium EP (DOWNLOAD)

This morning I was hit by a weird wave of nostalgia for the Honey Skoolmates, a band I haven't listened to in years (and had very limited exposure to to begin with.) They contributed a track called "Go Now!" to a 2CD comp called Moshi Moshi: Pop International Style. I listened to that song constantly and longed for more of their endearing pop tunes, but was never really able to track anything down aside from their EP Your Aquarium.

Your Aquarium has just 5 songs sung in Japanese and English, but they're lovely and understated. Something about their sound is both shy and welcoming, not quite as intimate as Rocket or Chiritori, but still as endearing.

A YouTube search turns up one lonely video of them performing their song "Ryme to the Ocean" (from their full length album Insomniac):

A general Google search is just as scarce (aside for results for the Moshi Moshi comp and a Velvet Underground tribute album curated by Gerard Malanga), though it does look like you can still buy Your Aquarium and Insomniac here, from CD Japan.

If you're an international pop fan, definitely give this a listen (and invest in a used copy of that Moshi Moshi comp, it's full of pop gems!)

Honey Skoolmates, Your Aquarium EP (DOWNLOAD)


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