Giving It All Away (3)

The giveaway is closed! I ran the random number generator on this morning and the winner commented under the blogger ID Child of the Sea. I don't have any contact information for you, so get in touch with me at so I can get your address.

I'm very excited for a number of reasons:
  1. The final lineup for the Athens PopFest is due to be announced Friday!
  2. Also this Friday: Tickets for the Athens PopFest will go on sale.
  3. Go Sailor has been confirmed to play a reunion show at this year's Athens PopFest
Clearly there is a bit of a pattern here.

Sadly, I was unable to attend Slumberland Records 20th Anniversary showcases, which broke my heart a little bit at first and then it broke my heart a whole lot when I heard about the amazing bands who planned to reunite for the experience, including Go Sailor. I thought, "Surely I have missed my only chance to see this amazing, perfect band." And then I heard that they would also be playing the Athens PopFest, which patched my heart right back up.

So, to celebrate all things Go Sailor/all things Athens PopFest, I'm giving away a Go Sailor single! This 7" is on blue vinyl & was pressed for the Slumberland Records 20th Anniversary shows, it's a one-sided single & features an alternate mix of the Go Sailor song "Long Distance."

If you'd like me to mail this to you, just leave a comment here telling me either A) the best show you've attended or B) the upcoming show that you're looking forward to the most. Just like last time, if you post about this elsewhere & link back to Side Ponytail, I'll give you two extra numbers in the random number drawing.

I'll leave comments open until midnight (EST) on Sunday, May 23rd, so have at it!

Like the previous giveaway, this one is also open to international participants!

If you're interested in staying up to date on Athens PopFest stuff, check out these links & if you're planning on being at the Athens PopFest, feel free to let me know!

Athens PopFest on Facebook
Athens PopFest Official Website (coming soon)
Athens PopFest thread on Anorak (this is where I've been getting my Athens PopFest news)
HHBTM website


Andrew TSKS said...

The show I'm most excited about is the Unrest reunion at the Black Cat in DC, July 10th. Not only is Unrest's final lineup, the one that everybody remembers, playing, they're also doing brief sets with their two earlier lineups, making it an all-eras reunion. Since I love the early Unrest stuff just as much as the later stuff, I'm extremely excited for this.

chris said...

Now they just need to put together a few more Henry's Dress reunion shows

jessicaelle said...

Best show I've ever been to was Mika Miko's pancake party show at The Smell (Los Angeles) either a year or two ago. I woke up at 8am, was cooked vegan pancakes by No Age, served orange juice by Abe Vigoda, got my hair cut by some random gothic woman, and proceeded to get sore after bopping along to Mika Miko until 12pm.

It was the most amazing breakfast of my entire life. EVER.

bn said...

I'm really looking forward to best coast @ svanen in gothenburg on thursday, but if I'd had the opportunity to see go sailor that would be it, no contest!

Crystal said...

I think my best show was definitely The Coathangers & The Thermals a month or two ago. The Coathangers women all had the most intense stage presence, and it was really obvious they were having fun the whole time. I got to mosh with thee five foot two drummer, and I took a picture with them all. They also gave me free buttons and stickers, which was sweet. Additionally: after their first couple fo songs, a young girl spoke up and yelled "This is the best thirteenth birthday EVER!" It was my second time seeing the Thermals, and they were as incredible as I remembered them. Their music is so easy to dance to, and it's catchy.

Log said...

I feel super unhip in comparison to all the other comments, but the show I'm super looking forward to catching is Johnny Foreigner, come this june. Their twitchy pop is in a sort of slightly different world (I'm trying to not overhype).
And I linked to yr blog in my blog but I'm not sure that should mean I get 2 extra numbers, it's not much of a blog.

Child of the Sea said...

I am most excited about Crucial Fun Fest in Lexington, KY! The Max Levine Ensemble, Delay, Andrew Jackson Jihad, Toby Foster, and tons more. All the best!

neal laurance said...

The show I'm most looking forward to is Phoenix, Grizzly Bear and Girls at the Hollywood Bowl. I've seen the last two groups previously. Grizzly Bear were weird and transcendent. Girls were plain fun. Mostly, I can't wait to hear Phoenix on a late summer's evening warming the hearts of ten thousand picnicing fans.

Samantha said...

Better than never: I'm looking forward to ATP NY 2010! I have a few shows before that, but I'm super stoked about ATP. I'm also happy to see Kings Of Leon in August. I love them! I wish you & I were going to the same Pavement show. Bummer. But PAVEMENT!

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