Video for "I Want You Either Way" by Sourpatch

Oh this poor neglected blog! Things have been incredibly hectic lately -- work days have been more crowded with actual work than ever before. There are a lot of things that I've wanted to write about (recent used bin finds at favorite record stores, most listened to albums of the year, concerts attended in the past few weeks), but finding the time has been hard.

All that said, I finally got around to preordering the upcoming Sourpatch album from Happy Happy Birthday To Me records and I'm already so, so pumped for it to arrive in the mail in (hopefully) mid-December. I discovered Sourpatch through WIAIWYA's free monthly downloads. Their Fun EP is blistering, bouncy, pop. It's what my boyfriend calls "girl music" and sighs disparagingly about -- but who cares? His favorite band is Weezer.

The Fun EP is evocative of the music I came to call my own in middle and high school -- though Sourpatch might not sound exactly like Cub or Go Sailor or Bratmobile or the Sissies, the raw, sweet, tough, sing-alongable elements are there and I am left reminded of afternoons spent learning how to skateboard, walking to the comic book store and the movie theater, and talking with my best friend about how we should start a band. When I hear the opening lines of "Fun," I remember what it's like to feel smart and tough and invulnerable, while also knowing how painful those teenage afternoons and nights often felt.

You can preorder Sourpatch's upcoming full length album from HHBTM. &, of course, they have a MySpace account.


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