The Blake Babies

So, I'm starting to realize that I don't listen to a whole lot of new music. So much of what I listen to now (with a few critical exceptions here and there) is exactly what I listened to in high school or middle school or, in certain cases, even further back.

When I was in middle school, my aunt taped her copy of Sunburn by the Blake Babies for me. I already knew about Juliana Hatfield -- I had seen her play a homeless teenager on My So-Called Life and my dad had bought the Juliana Hatfield Three's Only Everything for me, but even though this Blake Babies album was old, it was new to me.

I loved Sunburn from the very get go, even though it wasn't until much later on that I was able to relate to what Juliana was singing about in songs like "I'm Not Your Mother" & "Out There," but when I got to the point where I was able to integrate these songs into my own adolescent experiences, they were invaluable. Especially "Out There."

So often my friends and I talked about the decisions we made and why we made them, tried to break down our own mistakes and figure out how we ended up where we had ended up, and it's those conversations that I think about whenever I hear Juliana say, "I have a body and a brain and I turn them off again and again, I know, it's stupid."


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