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A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for an 8tracks account as a sort of experiment. I have a few friends who use 8tracks to listen to music at work because it's not blocked by their employer and allows them to stream music (eliminating the need for bringing an mp3 player to work or having to load music onto their work computer.)

I'm still not entirely sold on 8tracks, but as a sort of experiment I'm going to try making a mix for streaming every two weeks. 8tracks has a nice licensing agreement that makes sharing via their site free and legal (for now, at least), which is nice for me because it alleviates some of the worries that occasionally accompany uploading music (I haven't gotten any trouble, aside from one takedown notice from Mediafire... for a file that the artist requested I upload and share.)

Anyway, 8tracks' licensing agreement does prohibit you from providing a complete track list for your mixes & it also scrambles the track order upon repeat listening (two features I struggle with!), so I'll always be sure to post a complete track list here.

February's mix is available here and the track list is as follows:
  1. Nur Ein Wort - Wir Sin Helden
  2. Oh No! Another E-mail from You! - Allo Darlin'
  3. Carrie's Song - Tiger Trap
  4. My Favorite Town (Osaka) - Shonen Knife
  5. Mouly - The Barbarians
  6. Silver Lining - Beulah
  7. Do I Sound Like My Self Now? - Witches
  8. Labor Day - Snoozer
  9. When You Were Mine - Prince
  10. Kinda Sorta Maybe - The Strawberry Jams


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