Summer Jams Series #4: Weed Hounds

After a hiatus, the Summer Jams Series has returned with Nick and Laura from Weed Hounds! Weed Hounds are getting ready to release a new 7", Beach Bummed b/w Skating Away From the Cops. The 7" is coming out on colored vinyl on Iron Pier records and you can order it here. Iron Pier is also giving out a free download of the single which you can download from their main page.

Weed Hounds are also preparing to embark on a summer tour of the southern US. Tour dates are listed here.

Nick's List:

"Can I Kick It?" - A Tribe Called Quest (listen to it here)

Love the way that this song utilizes the Lou Reed sample. Makes me wish I was at a block party in 1991 getting buzzed on zima and wearing fluorescents.

"Rockaway Beach" - The Ramones (listen to it here)

Keepin' it Queens. This song absolutely radiates summer warmth and the vision of Dee Dee taking the long bus ride down to the Rockaways to score some drugs. "Chewing out a Rhythm on my bubble gum, the sun is out, and i want some", just about says it all.

"Elephant Stone" - The Stone Roses (listen to it here)

This particular track always seems to recall memories of the summer nights that myself, Laura, and some friends of ours spent walking the pavement and swimming in the
warm ocean water. This is a song which will always lend itself well to lying wide awake long after the sun has risen.

Laura's List:

"Dreaming" - Blondie (listen to it here)

After coming back to this tune summer after summer, I've learned that it's perfect for driving to the beach with the windows down while singing as loud as possible. The driving guitars, Debbie Harry's vocals, and memories of singing along with friends make "Dreaming" a perennial favorite for me.

"The Moon" - The Microphones (listen to it here)

While I love spaced out songs that deal with the moon and stars, I appreciate that this song speaks to the experience of being grounded and that it sees the moon from the perspective of looking up and and feeling kind of insignificant in comparison, but not belittled. It reminds me of how being at the beach at night can put things into perspective.

"When I'm With You" - Best Coast (listen to it here)

There are several Best Coast songs that are great summer picks, but when I first heard this one a couple months ago, I had a feeling that it was going to be a summer jam of mine for 2010. It's equal parts carefree and dreamy and just makes me want to be with friends, have fun, and not care about anything else, which is what summer is all about!

In addition to their new 7" on Iron Pier, Weed Hounds also have a split with Dude Japan available from Rok Lok Records. Their now sold-out (and totally excellent) demo tape is being released on 7"s by the National Archive of Records. You can get copies of the first 7" direct from the band along with other releases & shirts. Weed Hounds also has a MySpace where you can stream songs.


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