Pearl Harbor Announce Name Change, New EP

The girls from Pearl Harbor recently announced that they're undergoing a name change -- their new EP will be released under the name Puro Instinct. You can get a digital copy of the Puro Instinct EP here for $5 & the vinyl version will be out next month on Gloriette. The EP features two previously released songs ("California Shakedown" and "Slivers of You") as well as two new ones.

If you'd like to sample before you buy, you can stream the full EP on Bandcamp. I was already a fan of "California Shakedown," but the new songs are great, too. "Can't Take You Anywhere" is slow and summery, layered with subtle synth hooks. "I've Got Some Happiness (Leland)," the other new track, has a slightly different sound (the synth is a little more video-game-ish, which was jarring for me at first) -- but, something happens around 2 minutes and 50 seconds in and whatever it is, I really, really like it. It feels like a few new elements are introduced and everything starts to work together in a really beautiful loop. The track is a cover, originally released by San Francisco guitarist Leland in the seventies. You can hear the original here -- it's really kind of amazing in a washed out seventies pop sort of way.

Puro Instinct will be kicking off a US national tour next month, for tour dates (as well as ordering information for current releases), you can see their MySpace (no Ohio dates, but they are playing the Magic Stick in Detroit.)

You can still get copies of the Something About the Chaparral repress and the Slivers of You 7" (which, costs an exorbitant $30 after international shipping & the awful exchange rate are factored in.)

In other news: I have a backlog of things to get to! Including releases from yesboyicecream, Odd Box, and Slumberland. I'll hopefully be getting to all of that soon!


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