New Allo, Darlin' video (and single)!

"Dreaming" by Allo, Darlin' feat. Monster Bobby

Allo, Darlin' had my favorite single of 2009 with "Henry Rollins Don't Dance" (which you can read about/download here) and since then I've played their few singles/demos/etc. steadily.

Their latest single, "Dreaming," is due out sometime soon on Fortuna Pop. The Allo, Darlin' website says it's due out in February... which has come and gone, so hopefully it will available in the next few weeks. They also have their first full-length due out on Fortuna Pop sometime this summer. They're already selling both the single & the album at shows, so if you're going to be at NYC Pop Fest this summer, you can pick both up there!

& while "Dreaming" is great, I absolutely can't get over how wonderful another recently released Allo, Darlin' track is. You can download "My Heart is a Drummer" from Sounds XP. I love basically everything about this song. It's the perfect "on the cusp of spring/summer" jam. I especially, especially like the bass line. This song has me basically salivating at the thought of the thought of the forthcoming Allo, Darlin' album. It can't come soon enough!

In other Allo, Darlin' news, you can read a very brief (but also very sweet) interview with them here.


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