Carrie Nations

Carrie Nations, Be Still (album is in .m4a format)

I wrote about Be Still by the Carrie Nations back when I did my Decade in Review post, where I had the following to say:
I think a lot about the punk years: the sloppy kids in messy houses drinking and shouting and drinking some more. I think a lot about how I tried to glamorize that whole travesty -- tried to talk it up through the construction of community, intentional living, fucking the man, whatever. I ignored: substance abuse, misogyny, racism, general teenage fuck-uppery. But this: this album was the teenage punk rock utopia I dreamed of. 13 songs in less than 28 minutes. Songs that you can scream along with. Vocals that have that Westerberg edge of longing that make mediocre songs great. Especially on "Fireman's Bakesale."
Be Still is now out of print, so I offered to upload it for interested parties &, much to my surprise, actually got a comment from an interested party.

Good news, though... If yr interested in buying the album, it turns out that it's still available from No Idea (just search for "Carrie Nations," they have Be Still and their 7").

Carrie Nations, Be Still (album is in .m4a format)


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this.

ps eliot said...

Hey K,

Figured this would be the best way to get in touch with you? I tried to fix the donation button on the P.S. Eliot blog and think I got it fixed. Give the download another shot. If you still have problems then email me and I will take care of it.

P.S. - Your blog looks neat!


K. said...

Thanks, Will! I donated & downloaded the song this morning. It sounds great!

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